Sweeney, Clare Anne

SweeneyClare Anne Sweeney, August 2, 1949 – December 5, 2015. Clare had many meaningful people in her life…with close friends and loved relatives. Most important…one true love. She enjoyed mulling over a seemingly nothing concept and continuing on to create a reality. She believed in the underdogs…no, really, the underdogs. Clare adopted many of the unadoptable and shared many happy years caring for and being cared for by Barley, Poppy, Oza, Bertie, Samadhi, Boo and Slipper. She wished to live life simply. She held firm beliefs in that anyone; whatever race, sexual orientation…everyone, is the same and equal and bring their own gifts to life. It is her great hope to have the people on this earth not listen to the loudest…ugliest…most selfish voices and use common sense and true belief in moving forward. Listen to science and the reasons to take care of this planet and at the risk of triteness…strive for world peace. So…leave the solar, hydro and wind powered lights on because she looks forward to being here again one day. Donations may be made to any well run shelter of your choice. Keep it local.

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3 Responses to 'Sweeney, Clare Anne'

  1. Kathy Samul says:

    I only met Clare recently but it was a pleasure meeting and briefly knowing such a graceful woman. I admired her strength and bright outlook– venturing to dream and live every moment as fully as possible for herself and those she loved dearly (both human and four-legged). I am sure there is one more bright star shining in the night sky.

  2. Wendy Moore says:

    I was looking through the obituaries this morning on The Hartford Courant. I came across Clare’s. I did not know her but her obituary makes me wish I did. We need more people like her in the world. So so sorry for your loss.

    • Michelle Russell says:

      Clare was my aunt. And I love the obituaryp she wrote. I love everything that she believed in and stood for. I never knew how much alike we actually were. I received a call from My Uncle Pat on Monday informing me of her passing. I felt sad for my grandmother, Mom, aunts and uncles. But I did not Shed a tear. Because I never really knew her. After seeing her photo and reading her words I can’t seem to stop the tears from flowing. Our family has never been very close. I just wish I took the time to really get to know her before it was too late. So Wendy I do believe that we both missed out on knowing a beautiful, wonderful, caring and strong woman.

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